Seniors Need a Proper Skincare Routine

Seniors Need a Proper Skincare Routine

For aging adults, their skin will no longer produce that many natural oils to keep their skin moisturized. As a result, they begin to feel itchy and can cause skin problems like eczema. As for the appearance, more fine and wrinkles can appear.

When it comes to skincare, senior adults need to make changes to their lifestyle, according to a care professional from homecare services in Milwaukee. For instance, instead of taking hot baths, they should only bathe in mildly warm to lukewarm water. Hot water causes the skin’s natural oils to get stripped away, increasing dryness.

Applying moisturizers or lotions formulated for dry skin after every bath or as needed can help ease the dryness and restore the protective barrier of their skin. Some products that contain fragrance can cause skin irritation, so it is best to avoid buying them and go for those that are fragrance-free.

Drinking plenty of water also helps hydrates the skin. Therefore, senior adults need to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. Additionally, they can eat water-rich foods like watermelons.

If your senior family member needs someone to help them with their skincare routine, we offer personal care services in Brown Deer. A licensed caregiver can assist with their daily baths, apply skin products on their skin as needed, and ascertain that they maintain the routine daily.

Supportive Personal Care Services is a reliable personal care agency in Wisconsin that strives to help clients experience an independent, high-quality life. For inquiries, please contact us today!

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