Tips to Make It Easier for Seniors to Get Dressed

Tips to Make It Easier for Seniors to Get Dressed

As seniors age, there will come a time when they can no longer move as freely as before, even to the point that they can’t get dressed on their own. In that case, seeking the assistance of caregivers from the nearby personal care agency in Wisconsin is a good choice.

A professional caregiver offering quality homecare services in Milwaukee can do a good job of helping a senior get dressed. But, in the case when you personally need to help a senior get dressed, then take note of these tips:

  • Give them enough time to get dressed.

    Don’t rush your senior parents to get dressed. Give them enough time to dress and undress as this won’t make them feel pressured. They’ll feel more relaxed, pleasant, and calm. When they are in a good mood, they’ll be more cooperative during the entire process.

  • Give them options to choose from.

    Respect a senior’s independence by giving them a choice when it comes to the clothes they’ll wear. Although you will still be the one choosing their clothes, you should prepare at least two options for the senior to choose from.

  • Do a quick check for skin issues.

    As seniors age, their skin is more sensitive, dry, and easy to break. Their skin is more prone to pressure sores, irritation, and redness. The best chance you have for checking these skin issues is when the senior is getting dressed. Take this time to dress them in soft, loose-fitting clothes.

Supportive Personal Care Services and our personal care workers can provide a variety of care services for seniors. Consult with one of our care advisers to know how you can fully take advantage of our personal care services in Brown Deer.

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