Services We Offer

As a personal care agency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we grant a variety of services to individuals who are in need of assistance in their daily living activities. Our highly trained personal care workers will address their physical, social, and emotional needs. So, we have deliberately developed our care plan to ensure that the diverse needs of our patients are being met.

caregiver preparing meal for the elderly man

Meal preparation

Nutritious meal planning, preparation, and cooking for healthy daily living.

caregiver folding clothes while elderly sitting in front


Efficient laundry services, including washing, drying, and folding clothes.

caregiver giving water to elderly

Medication Reminders

Timely reminders for medication intake to ensure health and wellness.

caregiver assissting senior in taking a bath

Bathing Assistance

Safe and dignified assistance with bathing for personal hygiene upkeep.

carer assisting elderly to dress up

Dressing Assistance

Help with choosing and putting on clothes, ensuring comfort and style.

carer assisting senior outdoor

Mobility Assistance

Supportive aid for walking and moving, enhancing mobility and independence.

carer cutting the nails of elderly

Nail Care

Professional nail care services, ensuring hygiene and aesthetic appearance.

carer doing vaccum in the living room

Light Housekeeping

Keeping living spaces clean and organized through light housekeeping tasks.

carer helping senior with her facemask

Hygiene Support and Monitoring

Continuous monitoring and support for maintaining personal hygiene and health.

senior fell down

Fall Prevention

Proactive measures and assistance to prevent falls and ensure safety.

carer guiding senior in feeding

Feeding Assistance

Compassionate help with eating for those needing extra care and attention.

carer feeding senior

Incontinence Support

Respectful and discreet incontinence care, maintaining comfort and dignity.

Furthermore, Personal Care Services in Wisconsin also offers comprehensive caregiving training to people who are taking care of their family member or friend who is elderly or disabled. Our training gives opportunities to these individuals to improve their skills so they can better perform their responsibilities as caregivers. Know more about this service by visiting our Patient page.