What Kinds of Mobility Aids Do Your Senior Loved Ones Need?

What Kinds of Mobility Aids Do Your Senior Loved Ones Need?

Due to age, medication, or illness, a senior loved one may have mobility issues that will require them to seek personal care services in Brown Deer. To ensure that they can move safely and stably, the use of mobility aids is a must.

The mobility aids a senior should use depends on the level of mobility issues they are experiencing. If they are ambulatory, then they just need ambulatory mobility aids and the assistance of a caregiver from a personal care agency in Wisconsin. If they can no longer walk, then scooters and wheelchairs are the better options.

  • For Ambulatory Seniors
    • Canes. Canes are essential in providing safety and stability to those seniors who need an additional point of support. The cane will be supporting up to 25% of the senior’s body weight.
    • Walkers and rollators. If the senior needs a mobility aid that can support up to 50% of their body weight, walkers and rollators are better than canes.
  • For Seniors Who Are Unable to walk
    • Scooters. When a senior is unable to walk long distances but they have some dexterity and arm strength, power scooters are highly recommended.
    • Wheelchairs. Depending on the senior’s strength, they can choose between a manual or power wheelchair. Wheelchairs are perfect for those with progressive diseases such as muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and the likes.

Supportive Personal Care Services is here to assist you in caring for your elderly loved one with our homecare services in Milwaukee. Book an appointment with us so we can discuss your loved one’s needs together.

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