Common Causes of Poor Hygiene and Tips to Address Them

Common Causes of Poor Hygiene and Tips to Address Them

Poor personal hygiene can affect a senior loved one’s life in many ways. Maintaining good hygiene is integral to overall health since advanced age often leads to a greater susceptibility to illness. For this reason, homecare services in Milwaukee are essential to assist with day-to-day tasks.
For many seniors, tasks like bathing or grooming can be difficult for several reasons. Vision loss and impaired mobility can make it unsafe for seniors to navigate the bathroom and puts them at risk of falls. On the other hand, they may experience discomfort or even fear due to a recent fall that led to an injury.
To address these concerns, many families use personal care services in Brown Deer to promote good hygiene at home. Likewise, we will share a few tips to promote good personal hygiene in older adults:

  • Identify the issues
    As mentioned, there are several common reasons why a senior loved one may develop poor hygiene. The best course of action is to have an open conversation to discuss the reasons why they are unable to perform their hygiene routine. This can help determine the best way to encourage good hygiene at home.
  • Install assistive devices
    Once you determine the issue, look for assistive devices that address their concerns. Shower chairs can be used to increase comfort while a handheld showerhead can help make bathing easier. Grab bars can also be installed to prevent falls.
  • Suggest additional help
    There is also the option of seeking help from a personal care agency in Wisconsin. We at Supportive Personal Care Services offer several services that range from personal care to companionship to improve your senior loved one’s health. Reach out to us to find out more about our services.

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