Your Senior Loved One Must Get a Flu Shot Now

Your Senior Loved One Must Get a Flu Shot Now

The end of October is the ideal time to get a flu shot since the vaccine needs at least two weeks to fully set in, just in time before the flu season kicks in. But if your senior has not gotten a flu shot yet, it is not too late. They can still benefit from it during the flu season.

Need more reason to do so? Here are down two of the most compelling reasons to get vaccinated today from Supportive Personal Care Services, your trusted provider of home care services in Milwaukee.

  • The pandemic is far from over.

    The flu vaccine will not protect your senior from the novel coronavirus. Both SARS-CoV-2 (the virus causing coronavirus) and influenza (the virus responsible for the seasonal flu) will be circulating in the same season. By getting a flu shot, you are keeping your elderly safe from at least one of the viruses. With a vaccine, they won’t need to visit hospitals, keeping them safe from the coronavirus while helping preserve health care resources for patients who have them instead.

  • The elderly are a higher-risk population.

    Seniors are at the most risk of getting sick with influenza due to the physiological changes that come with aging, such as increased blood pressure, slower expiratory flow rates, and decreased vital capacity, etc. Add this to potential underlying health conditions and needing senior care from a provider of personal care services in Brown Deer. And you have a demographic that would not only benefit from being vaccinated but would necessitate it.

Need more information? You may get in touch with our personal care agency in Wisconsin or visit for the schedules and sites you can get vaccinated.

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