Indicators that Your Elderly Needs Home Care Services


Knowing when it’s time to consider hiring homecare services in Milwaukee for an aging parent is a difficult concept for most individuals. Unfortunately, facing these truths is crucial to ensuring that your parent receives the care they require to age gracefully, with dignity, and with support. Understanding the indications that suggest your parent requires in-home care is the first step.

  • Bruising or Wounds on Your Parent’s Body
    When seniors begin to have difficulty walking, bathing, or cleaning on their own, it sometimes manifests as unexplained bruises or scars on their bodies. Evidence of falls, slips, or accidents in the home can be concerning to family members.
  • Personal Hygiene Issues
    Poor hygiene may indicate that an aging senior requires personal care services in Brown Deer. Many times, if a senior does not take frequent baths or showers, comb their hair, brush their teeth, and so on, it is due to their concern about bathroom safety.
  • Weight Loss or Gain
    Extreme and rapid weight loss or gain may indicate that your parents are having difficulty feeding themselves, forgetting whether or not they’ve eaten, or eating for emotional comfort.
  • Poor Medication Management
    If your loved one is routinely missing pills or taking incorrect quantities, it could be a sign that they require round-the-clock care.
  • Depression
    It’s not uncommon for seniors to experience depression as they age, especially if their spouses have died and they’re left alone. An in-home caregiver from a trusted personal care agency in Wisconsin can assist in these situations by giving companionship, assistance, and providing stimulating activities.

If you are interested in receiving compassionate care from Supportive Personal Care Services for yourself or a loved one, contact us immediately at 414-365-9108.

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