How Older Adults Benefit from Low-Impact Exercises

elderly people working out at home

When we think of physical fitness, images of intense full-body workouts or group sports usually come to mind. As a result, many of us underestimate the effects of a low-impact exercise routine. For seniors especially, a low-impact workout can offer several benefits. They are easier to incorporate in their routines and are gentler on the body too.

As your trusted provider of homecare services in Milwaukee, we will discuss how older adults can benefit from low-impact workouts:

  • Reduced Risk of Joint Damage
    As we’ve mentioned, low-impact workouts are gentler on the body, especially the joints. It reduces the risk of joint damage, especially for seniors with arthritis. More than that, this type of exercise can strengthen the joints and muscles over time, reducing the odds of hip fractures and increasing mobility.
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
    Heart disease is a common problem among the aging population. Low-impact exercises like yoga and water aerobics are great for adding some cardio to a senior’s daily routine. An agency providing personal care services in Brown Deer can assist with low-impact workouts to help seniors with a predisposition to heart problems.
  • Reduced Risk of Injury
    Through low-impact exercises, seniors improve their mobility, balance, and endurance. This increases their ability to perform daily tasks while lowering their risk of injury caused by falls. This can lead to healthy weight loss and provide seniors with more energy throughout the day.

Supportive Personal Care Services is an established personal care agency in Wisconsin. We offer specialized health services and daily assistance with day-to-day activities to ensure a high quality of life for our clients. Contact us directly for inquiries about our services and to learn other ways we can support your elderly loved one.

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