Your Caregiver: Your Friend And Companion


Caregivers are more than just lifesavers. They can be our lifelong friends and companions who can make days easier for our senior loved ones who have to stay at home. Companionship and Non-Medical Home Care in Brown Deer, Wisconsin are available to all families who wish to have responsible hands looking after their parents or grandparents while they are away from them.

Our caregivers from Supportive Personal Care Services do so much more than providing assistance services. They are also great companions who will help your seniors accomplish different activities at home. They can also assist them whenever they need to have a break from the monotony of staying at home. For times when hospital and doctor visits are needed, our caregivers can accompany them with their wellness checks by making sure they get there on time and come back home safely.

Along with our personal care services in Wisconsin, your loved ones can have an easy time at home with the help of our companionship service. Here are some more activities we can help you with:

  • Indoor Activities¬†
    Because there are seniors who may no longer be as active as they used to be, certain activities may have to be put on hold for more simpler ones. For example, they can craft home decors and create miniature models. These can be done over a period of time so it can be showcased in their homes. If they are handy with gadgets, there are a lot of online word and brain games that can stimulate their minds which can be downloaded for them by our caregivers. These can be played for a certain number of hours in a day while being supervised at home.
  • Social Interaction¬†
    Redefining being home-bound, our caregivers can give life and regularity to the social interactions of your loved ones. They can accompany them to trips to the park or nearby events where they can spend their afternoon in the company of friends and acquaintances. These planned trips can be highly beneficial for the mental stimulation of seniors so they will not feel so isolated from spending most of their time at home.
  • Chores and Home Maintenance¬†
    Housekeeping can be unexpectedly dangerous for seniors who live alone at home. We are ready and capable of taking care of minor home maintenance needs so you do not have to worry about your senior elderly spending much time and energy on household chores and supplies shopping.

We know we can handle all unique needs of our clients because we have highly competent caregivers. But caregiving is so much more than just getting the daily needs of patients done, for us, it means that we can be your friend and companion.

Give your loved ones the gift of companionship and the luxury of care and comfort at home with our compassionate caregivers at Supportive Personal Care Services.

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