Comfortably Recover From A Fall At Home


One of the most common accidents that seniors are prone to are unwanted falls from doing housework, family activities, or quite unbelievably, just from walking around the house. Their balance becomes delicate with age. The older they get, the more they need better and accessible environments that will make going around the house easier.

For patients who recently have had a fall accident and require home care services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we have a strong team of caregivers who are ready and on standby to assist families and seniors on this vital stage to recovery.

A caregiver can be anyone who can give primary care and assistance to a recuperating person. Similar to our caregivers, we are capable of handling the same care and assistance you would give your loved one at home. We are there for families who need an extra pair of hands in order to provide the other needs of the family.

Supportive Personal Care Services can give significant contributions to families who have senior loved ones recuperating from an illness or recent fall at home. Among others, we can help you experience the following:

  • Make You Comfortable
    After a minor fall, some patients may feel a certain pain or discomfort on the area from the accident. In seniors, recovery may take longer compared to younger adults. Easing their pain and discomfort by adjusting their pillow height and seating options at comfortable angles will help make recovery more comfortable and a lot less painful. For seniors who wish to independently regain movement as soon as possible, mobility aids usage can be taught to them under the supervision of our caregivers.
  • Establish Proper Nutrition
    During recovery, certain food and drinks are highly encouraged to boost their healing process. Our meal plans and food preparation can help with their recovery by making specialized nutrition meal plans instead of purely relying on medication alone for recovery.
  • Encourage Exercises
    The recovery process may also weaken other muscular function from all the resting they have to take. Encouraging movement can greatly improve their blood circulation even while they are sitting down. Having them raise their arms up or put them forward will help increase circulation in their bodies and also strengthen their arm muscles. Walking around can also help them to slowly regain muscle strength so they can be back on their feet again.

Your loved ones can further their improvement through our personal care services in Wisconsin. Let us make their road to recovery a lot easier.

Make your loved ones’ recovery comfortable and worry-free with our friendly caregivers from Supportive Personal Care Services at your side.

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