Tips to Help Elderly People Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Tips to Help Elderly People Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping problems can be caused by a lot of reasons. For the elderly, this can be due to side effects of medications, health conditions, and worries. Aside from availing of personal care services in Wisconsin for your elderly loved ones, be sure to do the following to help them get a good night’s sleep:

  • Make their room conducive for sleeping

    Keep their room clean, organized, and well-ventilated. Use the right curtains to control the entry of natural light. If cleaning up the room means additional work for you, avail of homecare services in Milwaukee Wisconsin that also includes light housekeeping.

  • Educate them about the do’s and don’ts before bedtime

    Let your elderly loved ones know the best foods to eat before bedtime. Also, help them avoid the foods that will disrupt their sleep, such as alcoholic beverages, coffee, and sweets.

  • Resolve mental stress and other forms of worries

    Many elderly people report that it’s really their anxiety that keeps them up at night. If your loved ones have been feeling anxious and worried lately, seek expert help. Contact a mental health professional to help your beloved seniors handle their stress to sleep better at night.

  • Avail of therapeutic massages regularly

    Lastly, it would be good to pamper your elderly loved ones once in a while. Schedule a foot spa or full body massage for them. You may also avail of stretching support and the assistance of exercise experts to help them maintain their mobility. These therapeutic massages can help resolve their sleep-wake cycles.

Their health is already fragile. And lack of sleep can aggravate their existing health conditions. With the tips above, you’ll surely be able to help your beloved seniors get that much-needed sleep. If you’re now looking for a senior care professional to help you with these tasks, feel free to contact Supportive Personal Care Services, a provider of non-medical home care in Brown Deer Wisconsin.

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