Senior Hygiene: The Role of Caregivers

Senior Hygiene: The Role of Caregivers

Seniors, especially the ones with physical and mental disability, may struggle to keep up with their personal hygiene. It is the senior’s basic need to maintain their good hygiene daily. With the help of our warm and passionate caregivers here at Supportive Personal Care Services, a personal care agency in Wisconsin, we can guarantee to provide daily assistance to your senior loved ones, keeping them feeling fresh and clean always. 

Here are some of the many duties our caregivers do to maintain senior’s hygiene:

  • They convince seniors to bathe daily.
    It can be quite a challenge to get most seniors to take a bath, that is the reason why we make sure that our caregivers are warm and has friendly disposition so seniors will like having them around.
  • They change seniors with clean clothes daily.
    Our caregivers see to it that seniors dress in a way that gives them comfort. They make sure that the clothes your senior loved one’s wear are clean and appropriate for the weather.
  • They help seniors with proper grooming.
    With good hygiene comes proper grooming. Our caregivers also ensure that every senior they take care of maintains proper grooming from hair cuts to nail trims as part of their job in providing homecare services in Milwaukee.

There is still a wide range of personal care services in Brown Deer that we can provide. If you want to know more about us, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are here to give you and your senior loved ones the support and care you deserve daily. 

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