Debunking the Myths and Facts about Diabetes

senior woman eating with caregiver

There are several Americans that are battling and living with diabetes. This type of disease knows no age- from young to older adults. All can be affected. As a provider of personal care services in Brown Deer, we understand how aging increases the risk of diabetes. However, there are myths about diabetes that are circulating online.

Among the myths we encounter are the following:

  • If you have diabetes, you must avoid sugar at all costs.
  • You must cut down on your carbs.
  • Avail yourself of special diabetic meals.
  • A high protein meal is the best for a diabetic diet.

Being a provider of homecare services in Milwaukee, we always encounter these. However, we know that these are myths. The facts about diabetes are:

  • Even having diabetes, you can have your favorite treats but in less quantity. Eat it in moderation and be able to limit the hidden sugars.
  • The type of carbohydrates and the amount you are eating- play an essential role. You don’t need to cut down on your carbs- you need to try and consume whole grain carbs instead of the starchy ones.
  • Special diet for the diabetic is not necessary. You should only follow the habit of healthy eating, whether diabetic or not. Sometimes going expensive on the food you eat offers no special benefit. Control is key.
  • A high protein diet is not recommendable for patients with diabetes. Consuming too much protein, especially from animals, can cause insulin resistance- a key factor in diabetes.

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