Ways to Provide Social & Emotional Support to the Elderly

Ways to Provide Social & Emotional Support to the Elderly

It’s easy for seniors to feel sad thinking about their chronic health conditions. Add to that the fact that their friends, relatives, and loved one are living far away. These feelings can lead to isolation, or at worst, depression. However, research shows that seniors with emotional and social support are happier and healthier. So aside from availing of personal care services in Wisconsin, you should also do the following activities to cheer up your loved ones:

  • Organize regular family activities

    A simple dinner together with the entire family would mean a lot. You can also set a time for movie marathons and picnics. If you’re loved ones are residing at an elderly care facility, be sure to visit them regularly.

  • Avail of medical and non-medical services for them

    Yes, it’s good to set up doctor’s appointment for their checkups and therapies. But it also helps to avail of non-medical home Care in Brown Deer Wisconsin. If your beloved seniors are living with you at home, hire a light housekeeping expert, as well as a home aide who can do the laundry, meal planning, and other errands.

  • Talk to them

    If you are living far away from beloved seniors, make it a habit to call them at least once a day. Aside from availing of homecare services in Milwaukee Wisconsin to keep them healthy and their surroundings clean, spending time with them and asking them about their day would mean a lot.

  • Encourage them to start a gratitude journal

    Positivity is really just a personal decision. To help seniors make good decisions every day, encourage them to start a gratitude journal. As they write about the good things that happened to them, seniors are less likely to fall into depression.

As they grow older, our loved ones might also undergo psychological concerns, explaining their need to have the emotional and social support they need. We at Supportive Personal Care Services are committed to our customers in providing world-class geriatric care services to people in Wisconsin and the neighboring cities.

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