Top Causes of Disability in a Person


Here’s the clear truth: Nobody is exempted from physical disabilities. You may not be battling a health issue right now, but no one can guarantee that you won’t ever experience it in your life. Thankfully, you can maximize every ounce of strength and health you have so that any disability can’t be permanently inhibiting. One way you can do that is to be aware of situations or conditions that cause disabilities. You may not be able to stop these from happening, but knowledge opens ways to minimize risks or complications.

Our experience as providers of personal care services in Wisconsin makes us familiar of the many ways a person can acquire a disability. So, let us share this helpful information with you so you can also keep watch:

  • Arthritis
    As a joint problem, arthritis is one of the leading mobility limiter. When it strikes a person, arthritis brings about pain that limits a person’s movement activities. Thankfully, there are healthy options and therapy services that can be provided to manage the pain.
  • Heart illnesses / stroke
    Ailments to the heart and stroke are strongly connected to each other. But when these health issues reach its peak in a person, they can limit one’s ability to function. A person can be paralyzed because of stroke.
  • Any form of cancer
    Cancer itself is a debilitating illness. But its treatment such as radiation and chemotherapy has disabling effects on a patient. The person can grow so weak and in pain that they will be in need of homecare services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  • Mental illnesses
    Mental problems can also disable a person considering that the mind is stronger than the body. Instances such as depression or dementia can make it difficult for a person to care for themselves to the point that their overall health can also be compromised.
  • Diabetes
    Because diabetes is incurable, it can worsen in the long run if not attended to properly. When diabetes complicates, a person’s basic care might be missed out.
  • Accidents
    Not all accidents are disabling to a person. But still the same, a person can go through many physical disabilities when they run into very serious accidents. Some accidents result to temporary disabilities, while others cause lifetime consequences.

There are still many ways that a person can be disabled, but these are the top causes. When a patient is disabled, they may be unable to care for themselves, which is very crucial to maintain their overall wellbeing. Personal care is very essential because a health condition can be worsened if they are not hygienic or clean enough. If you have a loved one with a disability at home and you’re unskilled in caring for them properly, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Supportive Personal Care Services. Our team has the needed compassion and experience to answer to these needs.

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