Things Seniors Can Do to Improve Their Mobility


Aging bodies can get weaker over time, especially when coupled with poor lifestyle habits like inactivity, smoking, and poor eating practices. Poor mobility can also increase the risks of falls and injury at home that may cause hospitalizations or lasting injuries. Here are a few things your elderly loved ones can do at home to improve their mobility:

  • Regular Exercise
    Exercise and activity are one of the best ways seniors can preserve strength, balance, and mobility during old age. It will also strengthen their immune system and reduce the risk of chronic issues like hypertension and heart disease. We offer Homecare Services in Milwaukee to assist your elderly loved ones with their daily living activities and exercise at home.
  • Managing a Healthy Weight
    Excess weight or obesity can create an added strain on the bones, joints, and muscles, increasing the risk of mobility constraints and movement issues. Maintaining a healthy weight is a great way to promote mobility and reduce the risk of other health issues. Our Personal Care Agency in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, can help your loved ones with meal preparation to help them manage a healthy weight.
  • Use Mobility Aids
    Over time, aging bodies can lose balance and coordination. Using mobility aids like canes, walkers, and wheelchairs can help seniors remain mobile and reduce their risk of falls at home.

At Supportive Personal Care Services, we offer services like Mobility Assistance to help your loved ones promote better fall prevention and independence at home.

Other services you could expect from us include Supportive Care and Senior Care in Brown Deer.

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