Personal Hygiene Tasks an In-Home Elderly Care Expert Can Do


If you’re taking care of an elderly person, personal hygiene is one of the important tasks you need to prioritize. Remember that making seniors feel clean and fresh all the time can affect their mood and comfort level. But here’s the good news! You don’t have to assist your loved ones’ personal hygiene routines on your own. You can hire an expert on personal care services in Wisconsin to help you with the following tasks:

  • Bathing
    Did you know that there’s a specific method that should be followed when assisting an elderly person to take a bath? Experts suggest that it’s good to start washing the top of the body then going down to the legs and feet area. Make sure to rinse thoroughly to avoid leaving a lather of soap or shampoo on their skin, which could lead to irritation. An expert in homecare services in Milwaukee Wisconsin can follow this bathing method, giving your loved ones a clean and thorough bath.
  • Dressing
    After bathing, elderly people also need assistance in putting on their clothes. Considering that they might already have muscle and joint pains, it’s highly likely that they’ll find it difficult to wear clothes. Hence, they also need non-medical home care in Brown Deer Wisconsin on top of the medical care they receive.
  • Incontinence Support
    With their fragile health, elderly people can also experience stomach problems, such as incontinence and indigestion. Good thing you can also hire experts in incontinence support to ensure they get assistance when going to the comfort room.
  • Nail Care
    Lastly, an elderly care service provider can give nail care services. Older adults might already have nerve problems, which can prevent them from using nail care tools.

With an elderly care expert supporting you, taking care of an aging individual won’t be that much of a challenge. If you would like to hire professional and tenured service providers, you can count on Supportive Personal Care Services to find the right expert to assist you.

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