Medication Management for Seniors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

healthcare worker giving medication to the patient

Elderly people can be forgetful sometimes. Or, they really just don’t like the taste of their medicines to the point of not taking their pills religiously. Whichever the case, you should find ways to help your elderly loved ones take their medications consistently and on time for their own good. Remember that their pills and treatments can help alleviate their condition. Yes, hiring a provider of personal care services in Wisconsin is a good start to have someone to keep track of their intake. On your own, the following tips can also help seniors stick to their intake a little more religiously than they used to:

  • Set up reminders.
    Use an online tool to remind you of all the pills they need to take, as well as the specific dosage, and time of the day they need to be taken. By hiring a provider of homecare services in Milwaukee Wisconsin, you’ll have someone to focus on this task, giving you more time for other matters.
  • Pair up bitter pills with a healthy alternative of their favorite sweet treats.
    Yes, elderly people could use a little treat and pampering sometimes. Perhaps, all they need to tolerate a bitter pill is a tall glass of fruit shake. And if you don’t have enough time to prepare this for them, then good news! If you hire an expert in non-medical home care in Brown Deer, Wisconsin, you will be assured that you’ll have someone to handle the meal preparation alongside the administration of their medication.
  • Organize pills in pill boxes.
    Sometimes, elderly people just can’t remember what pill to take. To ensure they’ll know what medicines to take always, you can organize their pills in a pill box. You can label the boxes based on the time of the day they should take it, if they don’t already have them.

Medicines and supplements can do great wonders to the health of your elderly loved ones, but only if they’re taken consistently. It’s a good thing we, at Supportive Personal Care Services, have experts you can hire to take care of your seniors’ health and well-being, including their medication intake.

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