3 Telltale Signs That Your Seniors Need a Caregiver


How do you know if your senior loved ones need help at home? Surely, you would not hear any complaints from your mother about back pains and muscle strains. It is somehow difficult for seniors to admit that they need help from us. And in their constant denial, we will be left shocked when something happens to them.

As a close family of the elderly, you will know if there are drastic changes happening in the health of our loved ones. They may not tell us about it, but the noticeable change in their demeanor and actions will prove to us that something is not right.

Supportive Personal Care Services, a trusted name in personal care services in Wisconsin, we want every family to be vigilant in the behavior of their senior loved ones. Often times, it is in these tiny details that we can detect impending health problems and discomfort that they are too shy to tell us.

Here are some telltale signs that you need to be wary of:

  • They seem to be sloppy in their hygiene and personal care

    Taking a bath and changing our garments every day is essential. Our grooming is one way of keeping ourselves healthy and in good condition. Imagine seeing our senior loved ones looking greasy and dirty because they have been having a hard time taking care of themselves. They may not have worn their shirt right because they feel some pain in their arms.

    Aside from their personal hygiene, the state of their house can be a proof that they may be struggling to maintain the place due to age. If the yard has been left unclean or the dishes have not been washed for what seems to be forever, then there is definitely something wrong with them.

  • Their behavior seems different

    Differences in their physical appearance are just one side of the coin. The more alarming warning signs that you need to observe is in their behavior. When they tend to detach and become isolated, they may feel neglected and uncared for.

    Moreover, changes in the behavior like the inability to be active and sporty like before or not wanting to mingle with people could be a sign of depression. If your senior loved one is becoming more and more forgetful or their sudden memory lapse is alarming, this could be a warning sign of a serious medical condition that you need to see a doctor to have them checked.

  • Bruises that came out of nowhere

    Another noticeable sign that your senior loved ones need a caregiver is the fact that they tend to easily slip or fall from the stairs. Having a caregiver means having someone who can assist them in walking or climbing so that they will not fall. A caregiver can also attend to their needs in case they need to go up and down. They will not have to do things on their own anymore.

    In addition, personal caregivers also serve to prepare for the meals of the patient. Hence, we can avoid unwanted accidents like fire or burn the food because the senior patient is not as efficient as they were when it comes to kitchen works. Having their meal prepared by a caregiver means you are sure that they are given a good meal and they are safe from harm.

Our home care services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, at Supportive Personal Care Services, we want every patient to embrace the idea of asking for help. It is not a sign of dependency and weakness but it is one way of preserving their well-being. After all, having a companion gives you someone who can assist you in your daily activities and can save you the trouble of doing all the house chores. Hence, seniors and their family must be very vigilant in determining whether it is time to hire a help or to give our seniors the benefit of living independently.

If you are seriously considering getting a caregiver, let our health advisors at Supportive Personal Care Services help you!

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