What is Personal Care?


You may require a higher level of physical assistance if you are a senior, battling with a chronic illness or dealing with a disability. Although you want to preserve your independence, you will need home care services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that include personal care. Personal care is provided by trained and compassionate caregivers. While personal care is usually a difficult type of help to accept, we ensure to maintain your personal hygiene with respect and dignity.

Services Included in Personal Care
Non-medical personal care services often include giving assistance with:

  • Bathing.
    Caregivers help you get a refreshing shower or bath even in your bed.
  • Dressing.
    Our well-trained caregivers help you choose occasion- and weather-appropriate attire, as well as keep your clothing clean and cheat.
  • Skin care.
    If you need to stay in bed or in a wheelchair, you require skin care to prevent bed sores.
  • Mobility.
    Your caregiver will help you get in and out of your bed or wheelchair to stretch or take a walk, depending on your capability.
  • Personal grooming.
    This includes tooth and oral care, hair care, or anything that makes you feel good about your look and self.
  • Incontinence care.
    Your caregiver assists you with your toileting needs. They change your continence pads and clean intimate areas.

Supportive Personal Care Services helps you create a care plan that outlines your likes and dislikes, as well as the beauty and hygiene products you wish to use.Your personal care provider will be given specific instructions for tasks like diabetic foot care, shaving and cutting nails.

Our personal care professionals can also support you with other tasks in addition to personal care. They can give you medication reminders, prepare nutritious meals for you, provide companionship and encouragement, and even complete household chores.

Personal Care Options
As with other forms of care, personal care is built around your needs and personal routines. Your caregiver will respect your preference and follow your schedule such as if you want to wash before breakfast or take a shower before you go to bed.

Our Non-Medical Home Care in Brown Deer, Wisconsin gives you the choice of having a visiting caregiver. Thus, the professional visits you at set times of the day or stays overnight to offer the assistance you need. In case you need an ongoing support, you can choose to have a live-in caregiver staying in your home.

Why Choose our Personal Care Services?
Our personal care services allow you to get customized care in the comfort of their homes while your dignity and independence are maintained. Here’s why you should choose our Personal Care Services in Wisconsin:

  • To improve your level of comfort
  • To increase your quality of and your family’s
  • To get consistent one-on-one care and attention
  • To improve your recovery from illness and surgery

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