Fun Indoor Activities That You Can Do With Your Senior Loved Ones


If you think that staying at home is boring, you better think again. Whether you are a home buddy or an active person, there are always things that you can do. It is just a matter of creativity and initiative for one to be able to spend good times with their patient or the family.

Supportive Personal Care Services, a provider of Non-Medical Home Care in Brown Deer, Wisconsin and the surrounding locations, is known for giving a unique twist to in-home caregiving. We do not just provide a comprehensive home care for seniors, but we also make sure that their days are filled with fun and activities.

Here are some indoor activities that we recommend for you and your seniors:

  • Cards and Board Games 

    Surely, almost all of us have a card or board games kept somewhere. Our kids may have played with them a few years back and they just grew out of it. However, this does not mean that cards and board games are just for kids. In fact, it is a memory game that players of all ages can enjoy.

    With this said, there is no reason why our seniors could not play with it. If your senior patient is up for some fun time with the cards and the boards, then you can get these games out of that dusty shelf and start it rolling. 

    What are the benefits of playing cards and board game? 

    For instance, you are playing with cards, it can be a good mental exercise for seniors wherein they will have to remember some cards and they have to complete it in order for them to be declared as winners. Moreover, it can also be a good way of testing one’s wit and logic as they could play a game of strategy. It keeps the mind of our seniors sharp and alert.

    Playing board games have the same benefits too. The only difference is that it can add more excitement as there are surprise detours and consequences that you have to face during the game. It is fun and at the same time healthy for the mind!

  • Indoor exercises for a healthy body 

    Have you ever heard of yoga? Perhaps you did. Among all the information that you got from it, you may have the impression that this kind of exercise is for the young than the old. However, this is a total misconception.

    Although yoga is the kind of workout that requires body movements and flexing, this does not mean that our seniors could do it. As caregivers at Supportive Personal Care Services, a provider of personal care services in Wisconsin, we can assist in helping our patients have some deep breaths and a mindful silence every morning. They can just sit still with their eyes closed or gently stretch their muscles as they take deep breaths to relax their minds and to release the tension in their body. Deep breaths also help facilitate an improved blood flow throughout the body.

    For patients who are still recovering from injury, this is one way of calming the nerves and easing muscle tension as well. With slow and flowy movements, you can gradually help your strained muscle to go back to its old condition.

  • Do their favorite hobby 

    In case you do not know where to start when it comes to doing indoor activities, you can ask your patient about their favorite hobby. It helps to actively include them in the caregiving process as it makes them feel independent rather than totally waiting for their caregiver to decide things for them.

    If your patient is into cooking or baking, you can spend time in the kitchen. You can help them prepare for the ingredients or ask them to do the easy stuff while you prepare for the baking. If your patient has interest in the arts, you can do some scrapbooking or painting in some afternoons. Keeping activities varied is also a good way of helping seniors to not get bored or think too much of their condition.

What are the other indoor activities that you can think of that is good for seniors? We would love to hear your suggestions! Leave a comment below or visit our website to know more about senior caregiving.

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