5 Typical Duties and Responsibilities of a Professional Caregiver


Caregivers play important roles in ensuring good health and safety to those they serve. In most cases, they provide physical and emotional assistance to the elderly or individuals with disabilities.Caregivers can be professionals, such as the care providers of non-medical home care in Brown Deer, Wisconsin or even able-bodied family members.

So, what specific chores do professional caregivers perform? Here are some of the typical duties and responsibilities that they do:

  1. Preparing a patient’s care plan based on the results of the needs assessment

    Caregivers will evaluate the needs of the patient at home. Once they have identified what these needs are, they will prepare a care plan that aims to address these needs. The care plan is necessary for them to specify and lay out the things these caregivers have to do.

  2. Providing personal care

    Senior individuals and those with disabilities often need assistance in almost everything that they do. Their situations result from the physical limitations that they have. Furthermore, they are unable to care for themselves, let alone perform their routines for good hygiene.

    Caregivers may be given the responsibility of ensuring the good personal hygiene of the patients by providing personal care services in Wisconsin. After all, good personal hygiene also affects overall health. These include bathing, grooming and more.

  3. Performing housekeeping tasks

    Housekeeping and the tasks associated with it will surely be physically difficult for most patients. This is where caregivers can prove to be useful, too. These professionals can do the housekeeping tasks and help manage the house on behalf of the aging owners.

  4. Shopping for grocery and preparing meals

    Caregivers may also shop for groceries and essentials that the patients need at home. Depending on the circumstances, the clients may just have to write down what the caregivers need to buy or the professionals may need to accompany the clients to the grocery store.

    At the same time, the carers will be the ones to prepare nutritious meals for the clients. Preparing meals may pose safety issues as it involves using the knife and stove.

  5. Providing companionship

    To prevent the clients from getting lonely at home or to assure their families that someone is available to assist their aging loved ones, providing companionship can also be one of the responsibilities of caregivers.

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