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For someone who is elderly or disabled, activities such as eating, dressing or bathing may have become too difficult to do without assistance. We sometimes take these basic everyday activities for granted until either a friend, family member, or ourselves experience deficits in personal care. Supportive Personal Care Services can provide training to the caregiver of your choice, allowing them to assist you with your activities of daily living.

Providing Companionship

What services does a Personal Care Worker provide?

A Personal Care Worker provides a range of services related to assisting the elderly and disabled adults with activities of daily living necessary to keep them in their homes. These vital services may include:

How do I request Services?

If you are currently being taken care of by a family member or friend, they may be eligible to be paid for the vital services that they provide for you.

Our company provides comprehensive caregiver training to enhance the quality of care being provided to you. The following qualifications are necessary to employ a friend or family member as a Personal Care Worker:

  • The patient being taken care of must be elderly or an adult with disabilities

  • The patient must be enrolled in Medicaid (contact us to find out if their benefit covers Personal Care Services)

  • The patient must have a referral for in home care from their primary physician (please discuss your need for personal care services with your physician)

Please contact us today at (414) 365-9108 if you meet these qualifications or complete our online request for services form by clicking the button below.

 - Grocery shopping

 - Hygiene Support and Monitoring

 - Providing Companionship

 - Fall Prevention

 - Feeding Assistance

 - Incontinence Support

 - Exercise and Stretching Support

 - Escorting to Appointments 

Personal Care Worker

- Meal Prep

- Laundry

- Medication Reminders

- Bathing Assistance

- Dressing Assistance

 - Mobility Assistance

- Nail Care

- Light Housekeeping

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